Sandwich Menu

  1. Fresh Turkey, Guacamole, Russian Dressing on Homemade 7-Grain, $8.95
  2. Fresh Turkey, Homemade Cranberry Relish, Fresh Pear on Homemade 7-Grain, $8.95
  3. Smoked Turkey, Smoked Gouda on Homemade 7-Grain with Honey Mustard & Glazed Sweet Balsamico Onions, $8.95
  4. Fresh Turkey, Grilled Vegs, Balsamic Dressing, Homemade Mozzarella on Homemade Ciabatta, $8.95
  5. Fresh Turkey, Brie Cheese, Honey Mustard, Sliced Apples on Homemade Baguette, $8.95
  6. Black Forest Ham, Brie Cheese, Horse Radish Sauce, Avocado on Homemade Baguette, $8.95
  7. Imported Parma Prosciutto, Imported Provolone, Pesto Sauce, Sun-Dried Tomato on Homemade Ciabatta Roll, $9.95
  8. Home-baked Country Ham, Jalapeño Jack Cheese, Dijon Mustard, Celery Root on Homemade 7-Grain, $8.95
  9. Home-baked Country Ham, Melted Homemade Mozzarella, Honey Mustard, Glazed Sweet Balsamico Onions on Baguette, $8.95
  10. Boiled Ham, Swiss, Dijon Mustard, Cole Slaw on Homemade Rye Bread, $8.95
  11. Roast Beef, Horse Radish Sauce, Russian Dressing, Cole Slaw on Homemade Rye, $8.95
  12. Roast Beef, Brie Cheese, Olive Paste on Homemade Baguette, $8.95
  13. Roast Beef, Melted Jalapeño Jack, Crumbled Bacon, Chipotle Mayonnaise on Homemade Ciabatta Roll, $8.95
  14. Grilled Herb Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Vegs, Melted Homemade Mozzarella, Balsamic Dressing on Homemade Baguette, $8.95
  15. Grilled Herb Chicken Cutlet, Roquefort Dressing, Pears, Swiss Cheese on Homemade 7-Grain, $8.95
  16. Choice of Chicken Salad on Homemade Ciabatta Roll, $7.95
  17. Ratatouille on Ciabatta with Homemade Fresh Mozzarella, $8.95
  18. Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Homemade Mozzarella, Glazed Balsamico Onions on Homemade Baguette, $8.95
  19. Tuna Salad, Avocado on Homemade 7-Grain, $7.95
  20. Tuna Melt on Homemade 7-Grain, $7.95
  21. Shrimp Salad, Cucumber, Tomato, $9.95
  22. House Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Capers and Onions on Homemade 7-Grain, $9.95

Prepared Gourmet Dishes

Due to the circumstances, we will be offering a limited selection of our prepared dishes.